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Chicago's Premier Gypsy Jazz Quartet

Veteran guitarist LeRoy Burton (lead guitar) who is a disciple of the great Gypsy Jazz originator Django Reinhardt, studied music at Berklee School of Music, Boston MA.  In addition to his highly regarded skills as an accomplished improviser, he has played in numerous musical groups throughout the Midwest and on many recording sessions for radio and television.   He is also an accomplished guitar instructor.

Daniela Bisenius(violinist) of  Bucharest, Romania.  Her parents introduced her to the  violin at the age of five.  She was enrolled at the prestigious Music School Geoge Enescu  studying with Dinu Cristea and later with Valeriu Rogacev.  At age 19, she was the youngest person to win a position with the Staatsphilharmonie Ludwigshafen Orchestra.  Orchestral and solo engagements followed including Frankfurter Opera, Munick Philharmonic, Bayerisches Rundfunk and RTL Luxembourg. She continued her studies at the Musikhochschule Saarbrucken where she studied with Russian teacher Valerie Gradov. She also attended Violin Master Classes in Nice, France with Henrick Szering and Gerarld Poulet. In 1988, she came to the US, where she was awarded full scholarship to University of Iowa and studied with Prof. Leopold La Fosse. Here she appeared in a televised Master Class with Issac Stern.
She has since performed with many professional orchestras including Naples Philharmonic, Phoenix Symphony, Lyrics Opera of Chicago, to name a few.

Daniel MacGillis (rhythm guitar) who at age five would listen to his older brother take  piano lessons. He would then sit down and immediately play what would take his brother a week to learn. “Music is in your soul, it’s either there or it’s not” says MacGillis. He became interested in blues guitar and played the blues circuit through out the1980’s. In 1991, he studied jazz rhythm guitar with Gypsy Jazz Master LeRoy Burton and has been playing rhythm guitar with Burton ever since. He is currently playing with Hot Club Du Chicago Quartet, Jazz Du Jour Trio and the Di Arte Entertainment group.

Carson Wike (bass, vocals) comes from a musical family and has been playing and singing since he was a young boy.  He has worked with various Midwestern groups for decades and is versed in a wide range of musical styles. He once studied with renowned bassist George Mraz.
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